I love working with women globally and locally. Something beautiful happens when you find the right partner and it translates into a beautiful finished product. I love the results of a full day photo session with Chris Armstrong of Armstrong Studios in Whitehall Maryland. I've know Chris for almost five years and I keep going back to her because of the warm and collaborative way we work together. Driving to her studio with my van packed with product samples and props is like going on a retreat as I make my way through the picturesque country roads bordering the Northern Central Railroad Trail.

Props and products

Depending on time of the year, I am usually greeted by dogs, cats and maybe a few guinea fowl in the front yard, we hug and take my bags and boxes into the studio. Chris always has coffee brewing in the studio and we spend time catching up our lives and businesses as we lay out product and props for the shoot.

The magic begins once the backdrops are laid and lighting is set, she is the master of photography but we work together to infuse the vision I have for the the Shea Radiance brand into the shoot.

We add and remove props; we try various angles until we come to the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance, and then she re-shoots and re-lights until it's just right. 

By the end of the day, I have the perfect shots I need to freshen up my website and marketing material. When you work with professionals who become long time friends and collaborators, even a full day of work is a thing of joy.