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Managing Eczema Flare ups

Managing Baby Eczema Flare Ups

We started making products in our kitchen to heal our sons’ eczema problems. As a baby he had eczema on the back of his knees, arms, face — pretty much everywhere if I’m being completely honest. 

The doctors prescribed cortisone steroids to relieve itching and reduces inflammation. While steroids work for controlling major outbreaks, we did not feel it was a safe and sustainable option for long term use. 

Here are three easy steps that helped us manage and soothe our son's eczema.flare ups

  1. Avoid fragrances  in products that come in contact with the skin, this includes moisturizers, laundry detergent, colognes and other cleansers
  2. Bathe or shower with a gentle cleanser daily, gently pat skin dry and follow immediately with a rich fragrance free moisturizer. For active flares of eczema, placing a lukewarm, clean cloth on the affected area or soaking in lukewarm water can help to soothe the itch. A moisturizer MUST be applied immediately after removing the cloth 
  3. Take baths with rice starch or colloidal oats added to the bath water or bleach baths using one quarter cup of bleach for a half-full bath or one half cup of bleach for a full bath. Immediately apply moisturizers after these baths.

Our 3 Step Sensitive Skin regimen will manage eczema flare-ups for every member of the family. Each product is infused with shea butter and colloidal oats. 

✅ Cleanse with Unscented Black Soap Body Wash

✅ Hydrate with Unscented Nourishing Body Cream

✅ Seal with Unscented Whipped Body Butter

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