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Be Beautiful, Naturally


Sensitive Skin Moisture Bundle with Sisal Washcloth

3 Piece Moisture Bundle

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Antioxidant Moisture Bundle with Sisal Washcloth
Shea Radiance Hair Care product with open coconut and aloe vera

Uncompromised Quality

Because simple, pure ingredients make the best products, we blend only the finest all natural ingredients, and a scoop of love, in our handcrafted beauty products. No substitutes. No shortcuts.

Funlayo Alabi - CEO & Founder of Shea Radiance

When you feel beautiful

You can change the world!

We help women be their most beautiful through hand crafted, all natural, socially committed beauty products.

Our beauty solutions produce the results women count on, the daily pampering they deserve, and the natural beauty they embody

African Women creating Beauty Products - Shea Radiance

Transforming Communities

Empowering Women

Discover the synergy of nature and heritage, as our products celebrate African beauty traditions.

Sustainable Sourcing

  • The Shea tree grows only in the African Sahel region.
  • Every shea fruit that falls from the shea tree is handpicked by an African woman.
  • African women have used shea butter for centuries for food, healing and beauty.
Shea Radiance - African Woman
Shea Radiance Products available at Whole Foods

Available at Whole Foods

Shea Radiance is a Whole Foods Markets PremiumBody Care™ brand. We exemplify their high-quality standards for the most exceptional personal care products available. Find great values on our products at a store near you. 

How Shea Butter Heals the Skin

How Shea Butter Heals the Skin

Unrefined Shea butter contains naturally occurring chemicals called triterpenes.  Triterpenes have skin regenerating properties that strengthen the skin barrier or the epidermis.  Using moisturizing products that contain at least 10% shea...

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Skin Care Goals for Mature Skin

Skin Care Goals for Mature Skin

Our faces provide a glimpse into how we have lived and experienced life. The laugh lines around our eyes, the smile lines around our mouths and the wrinkles that develop...

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