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Melanin Poppin on Juneteenth

Melanin Poppin on Juneteenth

We are celebrating freedom, truth and resilience on Juneteenth. We are loving the skin we are in and taking care of ourselves spiritually and physically.

Here's how we're going into Juneteenth, glowing and radiating beauty and strength

  1. Exfoliate - Sugar Scrubs, Sisal washcloth, Net washcloth to get rid of dead skin and let beautiful new skin shine through 
  2. Fade Dark Spots from Hyperpigmentation using lotions rich in brightening ingredients like Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C all over your body especially back, shoulders arms and legs with a Brightening body Lotion
  3. Wear sunscreen daily - Even with the natural protection our melanin provides, we are not immune to the damage that UV rays can do to the skin. Prolonged exposure to those harmful UV rays can damage and age the skin. It can also make discolorations from hyperpigmentation worse. Check out Black Girl Sunscreen.
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