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No More Resolutions

No More Resolutions

For many of us the new year marks new beginnings, a time to put past failures behind and resolve to do better. 

As I was thinking ahead into 2023, it occurred to me that there is wisdom in looking back and focusing on doing more of the things that worked in the past year.

I will admit that there were challenges and personal losses in 2022, but in the midst of it, there was growth. I also noticed patterns and practices that helped me weather the storms in 2022.

So this year, instead on working on new resolutions I will be focusing on the habits and practices developed in the past year and continue to improve on them.

Here's a short list of practices I'll be taking from 2022 into 2023 

  1. Daily learning to live an authentic Christian life
  2. Being present, physically, mentally and emotionally, for loved ones
  3. Prioritizing relationships by building community, supporting and collaborating with others
  4. Practicing self-care through strength and movement exercises
  5. Practicing more self-care by eating well, getting rest and drinking lots of water 

Will you be setting new resolutions or improving on existing practices in 2023?. Share your plans with me in the comments

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