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Our journey began ten years ago while seeking a natural solution for our boys’ dry and eczema prone skin. It led us back to our homeland in West Africa where the Shea trees grow. We saw how hard the women worked and how proud they were of the fruit of their labors. We also saw how hard their lives were and the many health and safety issues they faced as they tried to provide for their families.

The connection I made with women who looked just like me changed the trajectory of our business. It became clear that our success was intricately linked to theirs. If they thrived physically and financially, our business would have a sustainable supply of the best quality Shea butter for manufacturing our premium quality natural beauty products.

The Clean Cookstove Project will impact the lives of 1,000 Shea producers in Oyo State, Nigeria, by providing them with clean cooking stoves for their personal use and 10 commercial stoves to help increase their production capacity as a working group. The West African women I’ve met are not looking for handouts or donated shoes, bars of soap or toothpaste. They want what every women wants, the ability to be economically independent. These clean cookstoves are one of the many ways of providing women Shea producers access to a healthier, self-sufficient life so that they can increase their income and support their families.

Small acts of generosity can have big impacts

1,000 Women + 1,000 Cookstoves = Infinite Possibilities

Thank you for joining the movement

- Funlayo Alabi, Co-Founder and CEO, Shea Radiance


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