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The Art of Layering

3 Step Body Care Regimen

Beautiful skin can be achieved in three easy steps - Cleanse, Hydrate and Seal daily to strengthen and repair skin.

1. Cleanse

Our gentle body wash/bar soap is essential for preserving skin moisture. Colloidal oat soothes, moisturizes, softens, and balances pH levels, locking in hydration and relieving dryness and itching.

2. Hydrate

Our rich body cream deeply hydrates with a high percentage of shea butter and nourishing extracts. Absorbs easily, softens hands and feet, offers eczema and sunburn relief, and is gentle even for baby's skin.

3. Seal

Our Whipped body butter locks in moisture for 24 hour hydration. It also effectively reduces the appearance of stretch marks, promoting smoother and healthier-looking skin.



At the heart of our skincare philosophy lies a commitment to purity. We meticulously select only the finest, pure ingredients. With a generous infusion of shea butter and nourishing emollients and extracts.


By choosing our products, you actively embrace African traditions and empower women. Our commitment to using shea butter sourced from African communities sustains age-old practices and creates opportunities for women's livelihoods.

Sensitive Skin Moisture Bundle with Sisal Washcloth
3 Piece Moisture Bundle

3 Piece Moisture Bundle

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"Shea Radiance Black Soap Body wash is to die for."

"Shea Radiance wants to solve your skin woes. Inspired by the family's own quest."

"Pour back into the Black community and show allyship."

"This is officially my holy grail winter body moisturizer."