We started making products in our kitchen to solve our family’s dry skin problems.
Both our boys had very dry and eczema-prone skin. We found Shea Butter to be the ultimate healing balm.
We create beauty products inspired by the traditional uses of unrefined Shea Butter.
We combine inspiration with the science of our unconventional formulation process to give our customers the most effective natural products available.
Shea Butter is an integral part of the Shea Radiance brand.
We source our Shea Butter directly from women-run cooperatives in West Africa to help provide economic access that allows women to feed, clothe and educate their children.
We exist to have a positive and meaningful impact in the world, specifically in the lives of women.
Everything we're about is connected to our higher purpose which is to impact lives.
—Funlayo Alabi, Cofounder of Shea Radiance