Raw Shea Butter - Handcrafted, Unrefined Bulk


This is Premium Grade A Bulk Unrefined Shea Butter Sourced Directly from Women-run coops in Ghana, Nigeria and Benin.

This butter has NOT been refined or stripped through a chemical or physical refining process. No color or dyes added.

Butter comes in 55 lb blocks, wrapped in protective plastic and placed in a box. 


Shipping rates for orders over 550lbs will be provided prior to shipping

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No dyes

No Dyes



Paraben Free

Paraben Free



No Synthetic Fragrance

No Synthetic

For the artisanal creator of premium handcrafted soaps and body care products. We know quality matters, so we double filter our butter to ensure that you get the cleanest and purest shea butter to use in your products.

100% Natural and Unrefined Shea Butter. West Africa's Best!! This Shea Butter has a beautiful light yellow color and a pleasant nutty scent. Sourced directly from Women Cooperative Producers in Northern Ghana, Republic of Benin  and South Western Nigeria in West Africa. No chemicals are used in the growing or production of the butter.

Uses: Great for DIY butters, hair and body care.


  • Great replacement for mineral oil and petroleum gel products.
  • Deep-penetrating, long-lasting moisture.
  • Great for cracked heels.
  • Deep-conditioning treatment for hair.
  • Sunburn relief.
  • Gentle enough to be used on babies.

Body Care

Hair Care