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Amplifying Women's Voices

Amplifying Women's Voices

March is Women's History month and we are amplifying the voices of women farmers who gather the shea nuts and transform the kernels into butter.

This is what she is saying - she does not need charity donations of soaps, toothpaste and shoes. If she did, she can buy them locally.

She is looking for business partners who will purchase her nuts and butter at a fair price. She is looking for a consistent market that will help her build and scale her business so that she can be financially independent.

As a woman led brand, we know and understand this need. Women have a universal need to see their skills and abilities bring income to support their families and help their communities thrive.

We source our shea butter directly from women-led cooperatives in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. Our mission is to be that business partner that provides access to market and economic opportunity to our supply chain partners.
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