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African black soap and orange slices

Benefits of African Black Soap

If you’re familiar with the many benefits of African Black Soap - from its unparalleled moisturizing properties to its proven efficacy on eczema and acne-prone skin — it likely is already a treasured part of your regular skin care routine.

For centuries, authentic African Black Soap has been touted as a multitasking cure-all for skin of all types and conditions because of its demonstrated ability to:

  • control breakouts on acne-prone skin
  • remove bacteria without harsh chemicals 
  • reduce oil production without stripping the skin
  • add moisture to dry, itchy skin from eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions, and/or other irritations
  • provide gentle, natural exfoliation
  • soothe skin and reduce redness with the natural antioxidants Vitamins A and E, helpful in controlling rosacea, rashes and acne flare ups
  • minimize the effects of aging by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, as well as offer an environmental barrier to hyperpigmentation. 

At Shea Radiance, we are thrilled that more and more people are discovering or rediscovering African Black Soap in an effort to minimize the number and cost of the products they use, exchange chemical- and preservative-laden formulas for more skin- and earth-friendly alternatives, and see immediate improvement in skin texture and appearance.  

But buyer beware!  Not all Black Soap is created equal. As with many other trending products, less-than-authentic versions are now widely available and hoping to capitalize on the growing demand.  

Authentic African Black Soap products are always made in Africa and hand-crafted with very few ingredients that are both all natural and sustainable. These include charcoal and ash derived from cocoa and plantain pods, raw and unrefined shea butter, coconut and rice oil, oatmeal and essential oils. 

Factory milled “black soap” bars are often filled with chemicals and additives necessary for mass production and shelf life, along with surfactants and fragrances.

The ingredients and method of production affect everything about the soap including its color, shape, and hand feel. In spite of its name, Authentic African Black Soap is not actually black at all, but a creamy, multi-tonal brown due to both the amount of moisture-rich Shea Butter inside and the lengthy boiling time required to get the perfect product consistency. The ingredients and small-batch production of African-made soaps result in a cleansing bar that is both malleable and textured and that generates a light, naturally occurring foam when combined with water. 

Factory milled “black soap” bars tend to be darker in color due to a low Shea Butter content and a hastened production time, and are generally slick and hard to the touch. 

The African Black Soap products in the Shea Radiance P.U.R.E line include bars and body washes in Lavender, Citrus (with Tea Tree Oil) and Unscented formulas, along with our super luxurious whipped Shea Butter designed to seal in moisture and give skin an all-day glow.

Whether or not you’re already familiar with the many uses and benefits of African Black Soap, it has never been easier to try it for yourself.  Always available at Whole Foods Markets, Amazon and, we are now pleased to partner with Target Stores as our newest retail outlet for all of our Shea Radiance African Black Soap products.  

Byrdie listed our Black Soaps as The Best Authentic African Black Soaps for Clear, Balanced Skin.






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