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Hair Growth Tips for Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair needs tender loving care because it tends to be dry and delicate. Luxurious natural oils are best for nourishing and strengthening curly hair to prevent breakage and promote growth. A good hair care regimen that includes rich natural oils like Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil, is crucial for hair growth

Where does Shea Butter come from?
Shea butter is extracted from the seed of the shea fruit. The shea fruit comes from the West African Savannah and is typically harvested and hand processed by African women. It has been used for centuries as a healing and beauty balm. For more on the origins of shea butter.

Benefits of Shea Butter for hair growth

Protects Hair Shaft - Shea butter is rich in naturally occurring triglycerides, Omega 6 fatty acids and a high oleic content. This means that natural shea butter provides deep penetrating moisture that adds lubricity to the hair shaft which prevents breakage and promotes growth.

Seals in Hair Moisture
– Shea butter's high level of saponifiables and oleic content help keep your hair strong and moisturized. Naturally occurring bio-actives in shea butter allow it to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen hair from within.

Protects from Heat damage – The thick and creamy texture of shea butter coats hair and protects from thermal damage that comes from blow drying and the use of flat irons, wands and hot combs. Shea butter also contains a small amount of natural UV protection from sun damage.

Improves Circulation – Shea butter is rich in naturally occurring sterols that can help improve circulation when massaged into the scalp, the increased blood flow can stimulate hair growth.

FAQ on How to Use Shea Butter for Hair Growth

Q: Is shea butter suitable or all hair types?

A: Yes, shea butter is suitable for all hair types. The use of shea butter will vary depending on whether hair is fine and straight or thick and curly. Shea Butter can be applied to the hair before or after shampooing. For hair that is naturally kinky or curly you can apply shea butter both before and after washing your hair. Curly hair tends to absorb oil quickly without feeling greasy or tacky. For finer and straighter hair, it is best to use shea butter as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and then small amounts can be applied to the tips of hair when blow drying.

Q: Should I warm the shea butter before applying it?

A: Yes, because shea butter is solid even at room temperature, we recommend that you warm it up by putting the needed amount in a microwave safe bowl and microwaving for about 30 - 45 seconds. Depending on the strength of you microwave, time could be longer or shorter so check to make sure that shea does not overheat. Also, do not apply hot shea oil to hair on scalp as this may result in burns. Make sure it is liquid and warm before thoroughly applying to scalp and hair.

Q: How much shea butter should I apply to my hair?

A: Pre-Shampoo Conditioner- When applying shea butter to your hair before shampooing, you can use as much as needed depending on length and thickness of your hair. Apply generously so that hair is completely coated. Covering hair with plastic cap for at least 30 minutes encourages the shea butter to penetrate the hair shaft making it softer and easier to comb while strengthening the hair shaft. Leave-in Conditioner - Using shea butter as a leave-in treatment after washing will vary based on hair texture. For thicker, kinky curly hair, shea butter is easily absorbed giving hair a soft feel and imparting a beautiful sheen. For finer straighter textured hair, small amounts can be applied to the tips of hair before blow during to add shine and gloss and to minimize frizz.


Beauty always begins from the inside out. Even the best hair products cannot compensate for health deficiencies caused by improper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. You can shop products that incorporate rich natural oils like Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, castor Seed Oil and Hemp Seed Oil to include in you hair regimen on our website.

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