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It takes a Village to Build a Brand

It takes a Village to Build a Brand

Building a global beauty brand that positively impacts the lives of women is a labor of love. It takes more than great products and ideas to make a difference in the world; it takes a village of like-minded people, dedicated to making this vision a reality. 

We started making products in our kitchen to soothe our family’s dry and eczema prone skin. Conventional lotions and creams did not work for us, leaving our skin looking and feeling just as dry and dull as it was before we applied the products. However, when we found Shea Butter, it changed everything. It was the ultimate healing balm.  As a beauty brand inspired by the power of Shea butter, we create products using unrefined shea butter to help every woman achieve beautiful, glowing skin at every age.

So let me tell you a little about our Village. Our Village has a face: 
16 million Women like Habiba, Faustina and Miriam produce shea butter, Women’s gold, to support and care for their families. Looking for access with the right partners to buy at a good price, these women are trained and ready to grow shea butter for the betterment of their communities.

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