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Lessons from my Father

Lessons from my Father

My dad left his home in Lagos Nigeria for England in the 60’s to get his accounting degree and ultimately his accounting certification. With a wife and three kids in tow, he had to work while going to school to take care of his family.  As a student in a foreign country, he did not adapt easily to the culture and the extreme cold weather, but knew he had to do what was necessary for a brighter future. My dad who is now retired, enjoys the benefits of all his labors and grandchildren

Here’s what my Dad taught me about being successful

Perseverance – Dad took his certification exam 5 times to become a Chartered Accountant (CPA). Many others gave up but he didn’t.

Success – Obtaining his Accounting certification opened the door for a successful career in accounting. He would later become the Accountant General for Lagos State.

Integrity – Dad did not use his position to enrich himself. He focused on doing his part to serve the State.

Reputation – Dad valued his name and even though there were many opportunities to compromise, he never did.

Confidence – My dad taught me that success breeds confidence. Success even in small accomplishments will give you the boost to move on to the next accomplishments.

Today I’m honoring my Dad and Dad’s everywhere whose sacrifices and examples of perseverance have served as examples to their children, especially their daughters.

Happy Father’s Day

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