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Going Back to School is a Big Celebration this Fall!

Going Back to School is a Big Celebration this Fall!

It’s hard to believe that almost 2 years ago  kids did not return back to school due to the Covid19 pandemic. My youngest son Toluwa, was a high school freshman and spent his first year of high school at home taking classes virtually.

Like many kids, his morning routine quickly devolved into rolling out of bed 5 minutes before class, brushing his teeth, at least I hope he did, putting on a shirt with his sweatpants and rolling downstairs to class.

I am pretty sure the boy would have gone days without taking a shower if I didn't occasionally catch a whiff of him and demand that he go take a shower. As far as he was concerned, he had no reason to shower because he wasn’t leaving the house.

As we transition into the Fall and kids go back to school, I appreciate the return of rituals that signify that it’s time to evolve, learn and build new relationships. We celebrate the return of fresh haircuts, new backpacks, regular showers and great grooming habits.

 Our family value bundles will  make sure everyone in your house is bathed and moisturized before they head out the door this Fall.

 Whipped Shea Butter Bundles



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