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My  Self Care Get Away at the Revival Baltimore Hotel

My Self Care Get Away at the Revival Baltimore Hotel

Baltimore City is called Charm City for many reasons and one of these reasons has to be the presence of the Hotel Revival. Nestled in the heart of Baltimore city’s hip and elegant Mount Vernon neighborhood.

Getting away from the demands of running a business, juggling carpool schedules and caring for my family is an important investment in my wellbeing.  . I have found that when I take time off I am as a calmer, more creative and productive wife, mother and leader.

I didn’t have to go far from home to find the perfect destination to unplug and recharge. The Revival hotel checked all the boxes for what I needed to invest in restoring my creative energies. I invest in my creative side being in places of beauty and art. I love museums, travel to beautiful cities and beautiful architecture and the Revival Hotel was within walking distance to everyone of these spots.

You can tell that Donte Johnson, Jason Bass and the entire leadership team are intentional about the culture of this amazing spot. The staff is amazing and make you feel like family. The entire vibe and culture of the hotel is warm, diverse and inclusive with a generous dose of Baltimore Charm. Can't wait to come back for some more R&R.

You absolutely have to visit the Revival Hotel and while you are there check out the gift store for a beautiful selection of Baltimore brands including a nice assortment Shea Radiance products.

Baltimore is beautiful!





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