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How Swimmers Care for their Natural Hair

How Swimmers Care for their Natural Hair

Summertime is just around the corner and it's time to break out the bathing suits and swimming caps.  Finding a way to protect my natural locks from the constant chlorine contact can be a challenge.

According to a post I read on Long hair Forum, these are some tips recommended to protect naturally curly hair from chlorine damage while swimming.  

Out of all of the methods, shea butter was found to work best. 

1. Wetting hair and slathering with conditioner before getting in the pool- This still left my hair feeling stripped and very very matted after getting out of the pool. Detangling took forever.

2. Applying loads of coconut oil- My hair still felt very stripped and rough when getting out of the pool.

3. Applying loads of avocado butter- same results as when using coconut oil

4. Applying a few fingertip-fulls of shea butter- Hair feels very soft upon getting out of the pool. I rub shea butter throughout my hair before swimming and it works like a charm. This has really helped to keep my hair moisturized, especially since I spend at least 2hrs in the pool each time I go, a few times a week. When I'm done, I get in the shower and rinse my hair really well then co-wash. When I get out I bun it up again. Also, I don't use a swim cap, and I very rarely swim with my hair down. I keep it pulled back into a bun.

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