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Back to School Preparations amid Covid19 Pandemic

Back to School Preparations amid Covid19 Pandemic

Remember how shocked we were when we realized that our children would not be heading back to school after spring break? Somehow, we figured out how to adjust to what we thought was a temporary situation called online learning. My son did his zoom classes on his tablet sometimes lying in bed half-awake in his PJs. I thought this was a short-term thing, so I did not stress too much at our imperfect setup. I didn’t realize it then, but inline learning for my rising High schooler was going to be the norm for a while.

In preparation for Toluwas’ online learning this Fall, I had to make some personal sacrifices to create the perfect workspace free of distractions for him. I had to sacrifice my cozy little space that serves as my home office, gym, meditation, and prayer closet to create the perfect learning space for him. We now share a table and work literally across from each other. Instead of rolling out of bed to log on to Zoom, morning showers, and a crisp clean shirt are required, pants are optional, so he opts for gym shorts. He shows up ready to learn almost as if he were in school. Nothing can replace the live-in class experience and connection with teachers and friends, but this is the best we have right now. I feel blessed to be physically close to my fourteen-year-old as he navigates his school day.

So how are you preparing for school this Fall? What is the greatest challenge or blessing you face negotiating school during this Covid19 pandemic? I’d love your feedback so we can share and encourage one another.

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