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5 Benefits of Self-Care and Why it Matters

5 Benefits of Self-Care and Why it Matters

We’ve heard the phrase “self-care” a couple of times in the past few years. It seems like a buzz word accompanied by the privilege of time and money that many of us simply don’t have at the moment. Yet, we need self-care now more than ever, especially if you fall under the category of stressed, fatigued, or overwhelmed. Luckily, self-care doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag or an unwanted commitment. Self-care is all about focusing on your wellbeing by simpling spending time doing things you like. Not only is it fun, but there are a number of amazing benefits to self-care. Here are a couple of ways investing in self-care practices can change your life:

Elevates your Mood
We all fall into bouts of sadness and depression at times. When hit with these intense emotions, taking time to do an activity you love or simply being alone can be the best way to process those feelings. Activities that promote relaxation and stress relief lead to an elevated mood and a better sense of self.

Improves Overall Health
In all transparency, self-care can’t protect you from viruses, but it can improve your quality of life thus increasing your lifespan. Eating a nutritious diet and getting adequate sleep are simple yet essential parts of self-care. Following these practices allow your body to readily defend itself against colds, diseases, and anything that may threaten its physical wellbeing.

Improves Relationships
You can’t form fruitful relationships with others without first cultivating one with yourself. You want to be your best self around friends and family members so take time to get to know your needs and desires. Self-care truly allows you to listen to your body before listening to anyone else. This way, you can invest in others without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Changes your Perspective
It’s difficult to view 2020 through rose-colored lenses; however, self-care can help you see the bright side of tough situations. By expressing gratitude for the little things, you can change your outlook on life. Yes, times are tough, but that doesn’t mean silver-linings don’t exist. Use this time (whether it may be stuck indoors or in between jobs) to manifest what you want in life and work towards long-term goals.

Increases Productivity and Mindfulness
Self-care reinvigorates the mind. After dedicating a significant portion of time to yourself, you feel alive and ready to conquer your next goal. Better yet, you are able to be fully live in the moment and are less likely to be overwhelmed by minor setbacks.

When it comes to emotional and physical wellbeing, self-care is extremely beneficial. It doesn’t cost a penny to invest in yourself, yet the benefits reaped by such practices are invaluable.

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