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Celebrating my Iconic Mother

Celebrating my Iconic Mother

My almost 80 year old mother is a confident woman who has never been afraid of thinking independently and out of the box. She is confident in her voice and thoughts. She knows she is beautiful, not because she fits a particular standard but because she just knows that she is.My African MotherMy mother is a hilarious story teller, a strong trait she and her siblings possess. Family gatherings with mom and my aunties were always filled with colorful tales, laughter and singing.

My mother is the most optimistic woman I know. The woman literally does not believe in the word impossible. Tell her you want to travel to the moon and she will make sure you’re working on getting an internship at NASA.

My mother strongly believes that you live at the level you speak and she will immediately shut down negative conversations and demand that the problem be reframed with  with the perspective of finding a solution.

My mother is young in heart and spirit, most of her friends are 20 years younger than her.  She loves to travel and meet interesting people. She loves life.

It is an honor to recognize the amazing traits my mother bequeathed me and how much I am becoming like her with each passing year. I am proud to be my mothers daughter.


Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!

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