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How to Overcome a Natural Hair Growth Plateau

How to Overcome a Natural Hair Growth Plateau

 Growing out natural hair is all about patience and care, but for many naturalistas, including myself, it seems as if our hair eventually reaches a growth plateau. At that point, we feel stuck at shoulder-length or bra-strap length for no reason. Don’t be discouraged, your hair is still growing; however, its ability to retain length has diminished due to unhelpful hair practices. Here are a few ways you can increase length retention and successfully overcome your growth plateau. 

1. Identify the Issue

Look at the ways in which you care for your hair on a daily basis. How often do you wash and deep condition? What products do you use? What protective styles are your go-to? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll likely discover that you’re neglecting an important aspect of haircare in your daily regimen. Maybe you don’t moisturize as often, or you succumb to defective styling. Either way, this step is key for assessing the problem area and discovering new solutions.

2. Trim/CHOP those ends

Your hair needs a trim about every 8 weeks in order to remove damaged ends and promote healthy growth. By all means, don’t skip trims as split ends can grow out and breakage will ensue. If you’re already stuck at a growth plateau, why not go for the big chop? Your natural hair will grow back healthier and stronger. Better yet, if you are transitioning, the big chop allows you to work with your natural texture without dealing with chemically treated ends. So, why not challenge yourself to start fresh?

3.Swap out your Products

After revitalizing your curls with a much-needed trim, ensure that you’re using the best product combination for you. Regardless of hair type, always go for natural ingredients, sulfate-free shampoos, and revitalizing conditioners. Don’t forget that deep conditioning is essential for locking in moisture after long styling periods and should be a staple in your regimen! 

4. Don’t Overmanipulate

If you’ve reached a plateau, you may have overmanipulated your hair with ‘defective styling’ (protective styles that aren’t protective) or over-styling in general. Give your hair the time and space it needs to flourish. Low manipulation styling is key! Start with simple styles like two-strand twists and buns that can be worn for a few weeks at a time. The simpler the styling, the less manipulation needed!

5. Document Your Journey

Take pictures at the very start of your growth plateau journey, and give yourself hair updates by taking another every month. Hair growth is a process and won’t happen overnight so it’s important to document the little changes in order to understand the effectiveness of your revitalized regimen. 


Remember, growth plateaus are not permanent! Once you learn what products and styles work for you, your hair will go back to flourishing in due time. For more information on our nourishing hair collection, visit:

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