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Guide to Natural Hair Growth: Tips for Thicker, Longer Hair

Guide to Natural Hair Growth: Tips for Thicker, Longer Hair

From new naturalistas to seasoned veterans, growing out natural hair can be challenging! Among many things, we often don’t have the time to focus on our hair and what it needs. However, when creating a growth regimen, it’s important to include these essential tips:


Hydration is necessary for healthy hair growth! For type 4 ladies, our hair is more fragile and thus susceptible to becoming dry and brittle. In short, we need to moisturize constantly! For curly girls in general, hydration can be achieved through the LOC method and maintaining a consistent wash day regimen. Deep conditioning is especially helpful for locking in moisture after a long period of protective style wear or prolonged heat use.  

Protect Your Ends

Your ends are the oldest and most vulnerable parts of your hair. In order to retain length, you must ensure they are protected at all times. Choose styles that keep your ends tucked such as braids, twists or buns. When the weather gets colder, be sure to consistently moisturize your ends to avoid breakage.  

Scalp stimulation

New growth emerges from the scalp so in order to grow strong, healthy hair, treat your scalp to a daily massage! Hot oil treatments and hair milks are great for stimulating growth when massaged into the scalp. When wash day comes around, make sure to get in a thorough massage while shampooing. 


This is a very important yet difficult step to practice. Type 4 hair thrives when it is left alone, that’s why low manipulation styles work best for us! For all naturalistas, take this step to heart: no picking at your edges or playing with your strands (as that can increase breakage). Keep your hair up or in a protective style if that helps you master this step.

Protective Styling

The best way to give your hair some ‘hands-off time’ while experimenting with your look is protective styles. From wigs to braids, there are a variety of hairstyles to try. Discover which one works best for you, but remember that not all styles are equally protective. Avoid ‘defective styling’ as these styles may look pretty but can cause breakage and hair loss in the future!

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