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Shea Butter Benefits for Baby Skin

Shea Butter Benefits for Baby Skin

Did you know that it is common for babies to have dry skin due to the need to adapt to life outside of the womb? Sometimes their skin can tend to peel because of this dryness or even have eczema. Studies have shown that 1 in 5 children may experience it under 2 years old.

A baby’s skin is really thin and sensitive so it’s important that nothing too harsh is being used to treat the dryness. This is where shea butter comes in. Shea butter does not contain chemicals, sulfates, and parabens and serves as a good moisturizer.

How to use

After giving your baby a bath, gently massage unrefined shea butter all over the body. It’s important to make sure the shea butter is unrefined so that the original properties and vitamins aren’t lost from processing the butter. 

Due to the sensitivity of the baby, test the unrefined shea butter on a small patch of skin. Shea allergies are rare but because shea butter comes from a shea nut, redness or irritation can occur. Dry skin on babies usually heal after a month but if it persists, it is important to to see a pediatrician.

For all parents, how has shea butter helped your child’s skin? Share your experience with us and tag us with #ShareShea. 

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  • Meghomala Chanda

    I always wanted something natural for my daughter’s skin. So came across Shea Butter. I have started using it for a month now and the results are just amazing. I use it as a bed time moisturizer. And I don’t think I will ever switch to chemical based cream or lotions. Shea Butter does the moisturizing naturally.

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