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Sustaining the Vision through Meaningful Partnerships

Sustaining the Vision through Meaningful Partnerships

As an evolving business, we strive to engage partners who believe in what we are doing and want to see us succeed. The better we are at articulating our vision and mission, the easier it is for our tribe to find us. This clarity and focus has streamlined our efforts and made it easy to connect with the right partners. 

As Shea Radiance strives to make a global impact, we must also remember that we would be nothing without our domestic partners. With that being said, we are forever grateful to our retail partners for seeing promise in our brand and connecting us to new clients and customers. 

We first started out in Whole Foods' local vendor program before expanding to the stores' Mid-Atlantic region where we served over 53 stores in the Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia. Now, we are available nationwide at Whole Foods and have partnered with other retail chains such as  Thrive Market, Giant, and MOM's Organic Market.

Thank you to all of our partners for helping not only sustaining the Shea Radiance vision, but also expanding our impact as changemakers in the skincare and beauty industry! 

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