Taking proper care of our natural hair can be a struggle regardless of texture and curl pattern. Moisture retention is an essential part of maintaining a healthy-hair regimen, if not the most important step. Ye, depending on how you choose... Read more

My dad left his home in Lagos Nigeria for England in the 60’s to get his accounting degree and ultimately his accounting certification. With a wife and three kids in tow, he had to work while going to school to... Read more

Sun’s out, buns out as they say! Beware, while trying to get the perfect sunkissed look, you may end up with dry, irritated skin or that annoying redness (better known as sunburn). With these easy tips, you can bypass the... Read more

Managing Stress-induced Acne Breakouts  2020 has been a year of unique challenges. It seems that stress has become the new norm, wreaking havoc on our mental health and our skin in a very unique way. While stress alone doesn’t cause... Read more

The difference between Unrefined Shea Butter & Refined Shea Butter  The difference lies in the processing and what is left behind after processing. Shea Butter is a rich emollient extracted from the nut of the African Shea Fruit. West Africans have... Read more

Where does Shea Butter Come From Shea butter is to West Africa, what olive oil is to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It comes from the shea trees which grow only in the West African Savannah. The shea season... Read more

Summertime is just around the corner and it's time to break out the bathing suits and swimming caps.  Finding a way to protect my natural locks from the constant chlorine contact can be a challenge. According to a post I... Read more

The mark of a truly great product for dry skin is the ingredient list. Like food, your skin products should be formulated with ingredients that are wholesome and nutritious, free of unnecessary additives and fillers.  Ingredients Dry skin caused by a... Read more

Just like the skin, unrefined shea butter has many benefits for the hair. You can use it as an add on for more moisture for your dry hair as well as on the scalp. If you struggle with dry and... Read more

Did you know that it is common for babies to have dry skin due to the need to adapt to life outside of the womb? Sometimes their skin can tend to peel because of this dryness or even have eczema.... Read more

Are you having issues on deciding the right routine for using African black soap? No worries! Here are some tips below: Take the bar in your hand and run it under some water. Lather it up and wash in circular... Read more

I get asked many questions about the origins and uses of black soap. I love sharing the fascinating information I have gathered both from my experience using it as a child growing up in Nigeria and from my research as... Read more

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